All the Ways to Donate to A Stupa


Many Ways to Give
How to Donate to Make a Stupa in Texas!

1. If you are a member on, here is the donation page.(Visitors can also register and donate.) Major credit cards (no AmEx)

Perfect for people who are out of town or may not want to register on MindBodyonline. The interface is very nice and easy to use.
3. The old-fashioned check, made out to KTC Dallas and with “Stupa” written in the notes section, has no processing fees and is always very welcome. Send to KTC Dallas, 1000 Armeda Avenue, Irving Texas 75061, or hand the check to Guy Stewart or Jared Hughes.
4. Bringing necessary supplies. Lama Rinpoche will make requests as we go along.
5. Forward emails about the stupa to your various social media accounts; explain to people what one is and why we are building it.
6. Helping the people who are working on the stupa. Cleaning.
Questions? Guy Stewart and Jared Hughes know what you need to know.