Here is a list of resources, helpful information on topics most often requested; is something missing you’d like to see added?  E-Mail us here

KTC Membership

The different forms of KTC membership, how much it costs, how to pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions like “What is Tibetan Buddhism” and “Are you a cult?”

Nyungne Retreats

About the Nyungnes in Dallas, with teachings and sample schedule.

Introductory Classes

Some very helpful information for people getting started; the course material for our earlier Introductory Classes.

On Taking Refuge and Becoming a Buddhist

A super teaching by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche on the subject of refuge.


Prayers you are most likely to need an easily printed copy of.

Vajra Songs

Listen to the songs, then print out your own personal copy of the songbook used at the KTC.

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