Newcomer Classes – Introductory Series into the Ideas of Tibetan Buddhism

Connie Bradford presents on the life of the Buddha, 2011

Newcomer Classes – Kagyu  Lineage Tibetan Buddhism

Twice a year the KTC offers an Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism based on Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche’s excellent book Dharma Paths – focusing on the stages of the path.

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The links below lead to the source material for an earlier class series taught for many years that has good information, designed to give someone new to Tibetan Buddhism basic background information and each functioning as a standalone topic of interest.

  1. Dharma Dictionary
  2. Life of the Buddha
  3. Transition to Perfection
  4. Meeting a Spiritual Friend
  5. On Practice and Prayers
  6. A Teaching on Refuge
  7. Practices of Tibetan Buddhism
  8. The Practice of Tonglen