Lama Dudjom Dorjee – Notes on the Nyungne Practice

1000armsLama Dudjom Dorjee – Notes on the Nyungne Practice, teaching May 22nd, 2015, rough transcript by Beth Keenan


The Quality of the Nyungnes at the KTC are improving.

The participants are sitting properly throughout, even on Sunday (the ‘no eating or drinking’ day).

Throughout the retreat you sit in mindfulness and awareness.

My advice for you now is, use less talk. People chat away with so much energy but then don’t use the same energy in chanting. The chanting is more important.

Only talk when necessary on Saturday (the ‘talking’ day). Save your energy for chanting!

On Saturday evening, save your energy and in the evening practice, read a dharma book, recite mantra…

One comment about Nyungnes and sense of humor: dirty or off-color jokes are absolutely forbidden. In dress, everyone should be covered in loose clothes. Don’t show leg. No jewelry, no make up. No contact with the opposite (or same) sex. No singing (unless Dharma singing like Vajra Songs), no dancing.

About the Prostrations

Do the prostrations slowly and with meaning. We do half chanting, and half prostration. Do whatever you can; do not hurt yourself.

I want to hear your voice. Sunday is the day where the dedication and strength is shown. If you can do the same, lunch or no lunch –

Any medication Doctors have prescribed that are needed to be taken with a sip of water – take these medicines out of sight of anyone else – seniors (over 65) can have a little soup on Sunday.

Keep the bulk of your possessions in your car; do not bring pillows, blankets or jackets into the Shrine Room. Drinks only in covered containers. Make an effort to keep the environment clean and neat.

Come to the shrine room 5-10 minutes early, not 5-10 minutes late.

Be very respectful of the presiding Lama and the practice of Nyungne itself.

Do not sit with you feet extended toward the shrine or Lama.


The purpose of the Nyungne is the purification of your karma and your own ignorance. Also, you can practice for the purification of near and dear ones dead or alive.

The Nyungne practice is dedicated to all living beings. You owe money through countless lifetimes – money as karma accumulates a lot.

The Nyungne is a way of saying you are not running away. You are living up to your karmic debt.

The portion you pay up is the portion of your karma.

You get familiar with 1000 arm Cherezik practice, and you will know a lot about all Yidam practice.

There is a much bigger picture there – and there is never a dull moment in Nyungne practice!

The Nyungne sojong vows are renewing your vessel – like your body is a glass. Clean it up. A serious matter. Your body becomes renewed, rejuvenated inside and out.

Vajrayana – the inseparability of the Lama, Yidam, and Protectors.

Nyungne Orientation Class for First Time Retreatants at the KTC in Irving, July 26, 2015

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