Happy 32nd Birthday, to His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa

Happy 32nd Birthday, Your Holiness!

HH Karmapa’s Birthday was celebrated at the KTC Sunday June 25th – first there was a teaching by Lama Rinpoche from Vasubandhu’s Commentary on the Treasury of the Abhidharma (Abhidharmakośabhāṣya), on karma and the root downfalls; then group singing of “Praise to the Buddha Activity of the Gyalwang Karmapa” with two guitars adding additional oomph and polish (thank you Brad and Jayce); then singing happy birthday and enjoying His Holiness’ Cake, with torma from the recent Karma Pakshi practice; finally, to wrap it all up, pulling weeds in the parking lot for a period of not less than ten minutes and not more than fifteen. All in all, the kind of wide ranging, interesting event we’ve come to expect.

Look for additional comments on each photo. Click on photo to view larger.

Rinpoche finishes up his comments – Brad is on the far left, Jayce is on the right and the woman with the camera is Julia, a videographer who has been filming Lama Dudjom Dorjee Rinpoche at the KTC this week.
We’ve found that the end of the little walkway in front of the Shrine Room is a nice place for meditation instruction – here Jayce approaches with his guitar. Zach and Katie are responsible for the lovely flowers.
This is His Holiness’ 32nd birthday cake – “Happy Birthday Tashi Delek” in Tibetan – the lettering was made from chocolate. The cake itself proved to be quite popular – Lama Rinpoche had asked for a “German Cake,” so a hazelnut cake was made by Henk’s Black Forest Bakery.
Others, like Rich, brought lovely snacks to accompany the cake.
Singing Happy Birthday to His Holiness Karmapa –
Rinpoche’s candle extinguishing technique was a combination of blowing and waving. It worked quite well – and he said he had made a wish.
Karma Pakshi Torma – Rinpoche said for those of us interested in doing the Karma Pakshi practice (which is generally learned after finishing Ngondro) to make sure and taste the blessings. Ben Franklin loved it so much he took all the leftovers.
A very convivial and nice time, followed by good natured pulling of parking lot weeds. The parking lot looks much better!