Bluebunny Retreat History, with Slides and a Poem

Bluebunny Retreat History

Overall Retreat Slide Show

Here’s the photo slideshow from the 2017 Retreat

Here’s the photo slideshow from the 2016 Retreat

Here’s the photo slideshow from the 2015 Retreat

Here’s the photo slideshow from the 2014 Retreat


Bluebunny Retreat History

For many years Lama Dudjom Dorjee had a yearly meditation and teaching retreat at the ‘El Tesoro’ Youth Camp in Acton, Texas.

It was a beautiful and quite ramshackle site – nearly every year we had some kind of infrastructure disaster or natural disaster, from tornados and flooding to no hot water to no heat to toilets that … oh never mind. You get the picture. For many years we hauled a refrigerator down there.

Rinpoche’s teachings were amazing, and the natural setting was historic and full of ghosts. Things happened there that are flatly unbelievable, if you were not there witnessing them yourself.

We kept the price so low there was always anxiety about having a large enough offering for Rinpoche – but then people starting donating the food for the retreat, their work during the retreat, fees even when they could not attend, and in the end the offering was always good!

The friends we made at the Retreat are our lifelong friends – many out of town, with the Bluebunny Retreat the only chance we’d have to see them all year.

Why did the retreat at El Tesoro end? Lama Dudjom Dorjee was ill in 2011, and the KTC became homeless in 2012, and a retreat did not enter the picture again till 2013, when we moved the show to Questa.

Then in 2014 the Bluebunny Retreat moved to our new home in Irving, where we anticipate it will stay for many years to come. May All Benefit!

The 2015, 2016 and 2017 Bluebunny Retreats took place at the KTC Center in Irving. We expect the 2018 Bluebunny Retreat to take place the second week in March, Friday – Friday.

About the Questa Retreat

The Questa Retreat was above all about Rinpoche, teaching at the amazing Hermann Rednick Center in New Mexico, away from city concerns, with new friends and new environs. It was a fantastic and overwhelming experience; Buddha Nature and Medicine Buddha, and enjoying the superb organizational capabilities of the Vincents and the wonderful cooking provided by Vickie Cram.

Photos from the Questa Retreat.

Poem from the Bluebunny Retreat 2016

Far from the city, away from the cars, and the noise, and the buildings….
also far from the diapers and cute little faces….
I found a Green Ocean, with a pair of ducks, and hundreds of birds.
Where the sun shares his brightest rays and covers the place with warmth and many, many colors.
It is a pristine, unique territory.
I can run straight and fast with no obstacles around,
I can do cartwheels, and pretend I am a little girl getting dizzy, and feeling ‘I am everywhere!’
I can see a small half moon, and three airplanes fly at once
I can talk to my friends, and play with water on my head
In my mind, in this scenery, it is all good!
This is my family.
This place is my home-
Begining with the leaves that get stuck in my clothes and hair when I lay flat in the grass smelling purity and freshness, peace and harmony, having the sun sing to me in silence.
….to all the spiders, ants and bugs that crawl into my red picnic blanquet to get some food from my plate.
….to all the Kids like me, that come from all backgrounds, faiths and lifestyles.
All different ages, colors and sizes.
All. United.
When I am here the time stops.
These days have been heaven.
My belly has tasted heaven.
My body has been in heaven.
I am here to learn, to transform, to make a metamorphosis of my body, and my speech, and my mind.
To make lifelong commitments,
To make an offering of all of me, to all beings for their benefit.
This is just the Beginning.
Because I am just a beginner…

— Rosana

QUESTION: Why is this retreat called the Bluebunny Retreat?

ANSWER: Lama Dudjom Dorjee often referred to the Bluebonnet wildflowers at the site as “bluebunnies;” so often, in fact, that everyone else called them “bluebunnies” too. It was further confused when in the early days Bluebunny Ice Cream was served for dessert.